Review: “When in Rome” of Amabile Giusti

What is more annoying between loving your roommate who mistakes you for a houseplant, and loving your roommate who warbles next door with the girl on duty?
Well, it is a real dilemma. And Carlotta, almost thirty years old, does not find the key to this tangled skein (worse of the steel curls that she has for hair).

Moreover, in every minute of her life as a chronic loser, Luca is a nagging thought that never leaves her.


The boy looks like a “mahogany wardrobe,” tells us the author, and he has the mouth of a tempting devil. Perhaps, our budding author (yes, you read right, Luca is an aspiring writer), misses only the pitchfork, charm obviously he already has in abundance. In short, he is an ornament that each of us would like to have at home, isn’t it right? What is certain is that there are so many downsides in the platonic cohabitation with the man you would like to give your body and soul to (not strictly in that order!), the same man who suddenly improvise operas between the sheets with a chest “do”, that almost gives you a headache.
But poor Carlotta, until she finds a steady job, she will have to endure these playboy shows. In fact, partly for duty and part for desperation, she starts working as an art buyer for a crazy director (literally crazy), a man called Rocky who sends her looking for Barbie dolls for his theatrical remake of The glass menagerie: Carlotta will have to find unique and collectible dolls that bring back childhood memories, abandoned in drawers of life.
Meanwhile, at Lieti-Morli’s home the comings and goings of leopard-print lingerie and concrete buttocks does not end.
To complicate matters is that Luca thinks of Carlotta as a “jar of dried tomatoes”, carefully preserved for the great love (or for the great feast), and this great love (or this great feast) seems not to be the handsome bartender/Casanova/scribbler. He, too cool to fall in love (too coward in my opinion), does not want serious and lasting relationships. So: bye-bye love dreams! What is left for Carlotta to do?
Perhaps, a blind date? In short, don’t we say “one problem drives away another”? Nevertheless Luca is impossible to replace, especially what Carlotta feels for him: it is not just passion, or agony for a finished god, but is more controversial that sneaks in, touching the feelings. We know that our women’s hearts are so sensitive, ready to love with despair and madness. Well… Carlotta loves her Luca, who is so strange at times, detached some others, so jealous and annoyed. Mr. Morli is the high and low tide of Miss Lieti, a bustle of smiles and hysterical jokes, a I love you-I hate you that has no end, because love is also anger and illusion.
The melancholy of a man like Luca hides everything and nothing, especially the emotions difficult to sink, to keep tied to the chains of his soul.
The protagonists are the antithesis and synthesis of confusion, of possession, of arrogant sympathy.
They chase each other, wait each other, they sway between take and leave, without thinking about the “after” and without denying the “before”. They yell, they break, but once again they need each other!
Carlotta is not the loser who she thinks she is. She tries to move forward, and the willpower – even if it wavers – keeps her afloat: with her strawberry-shape face, with the sprinkling of freckles that look like caramelized stars, with the desire not to be only thirty years old and crumbs of disappointments between her fingers.
Carlotta reflects the real woman; let’s stop hiding behind the index finger, in her there are many fragments of US.
The story won me, it charmed me in her new role, in the allegory of the search for the RARE BARBIE, so perfect and curvy that has nothing to do with the common girl: however, in that world of plastic and fake smiles, you can find a BARBIE-CARLOTTA.
The hilarity of Amabile Giusti is not lacking, as well as original and not at all repetitive metaphors, all the more palpable is the fragrance of a graceful melancholy that makes you think.
This is not the classic chick lit, it is much more, it is a window into the modern world sometimes romantic other times hateful. To read, re-read, to tear to pieces with the eyes!


Title: When in Rome
 Amabile Giusti
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
Price Paperback: $10.65
Price Kindle: $ 4,22
MP3 Cd: $ 9.90
Print Length: 234

As her thirtieth birthday approaches, spirited and unconventional Carlotta is a little nervous. She’s just been fired because of her irrepressible frankness, her family is a mess, and her love life is nonexistent. Plus, living in Rome isn’t cheap, so she’s forced to rent out a room in her apartment to make ends meet. Her new roommate, Luca, a gorgeous writer who can match her wicked sense of humor, has a lot of cons: he’s sloppy, he smokes too much, and he has a nasty habit of bringing home a different woman every night. Carlotta doesn’t want to admit it, but she’s beginning to fall for the charming novelist whose bedroom seems to have a revolving door. After they share an unexpected kiss, she’ll do anything to suppress her passion and protect her heart. With her crazy relatives and a new job to deal with, can she muster the courage to confess her true feelings? And will Carlotta find happiness in this rented romance?



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